Department Of Electical

The department has always strived to maintain Achievements its high standards. Apart from the theoretical course work, the department believes that the students should have a sound knowledge in practical work. In view of the above the department offers practical courses in Electronic devices &Components, Digital Electronics, Electronic circuits, Measurements and instruments, Power Electronics, Communication Engineering Lab, Microprocessor & Micro controller applications, Communication systems, Industrial Electronics.

These labs promise to pose new and challenging problems to the students and provide the necessary knowledge. The students of the department always hold the name of the institution in good repute. The aim of the Electronics and Communication Engineers is the transmission of information with least probability of error.

The Department has a devoted team of faculty members who are well qualified and experienced in the areas of Communication systems, Power Electronics and related software and hardware tools.

The inaugural function of Electronics and
Communication Engineering Association
was conducted in the year of 2004-2005
was held on 29-07-2004.